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Here are the main areas that we cover when performing the End of Tenancy Service:

Bathroom – Bathrooms are one of the places in the house that gather a lot of grime and dirt very quickly. If you are not regularly cleaning your bathroom mould, limescale and other stains can be found all over it. Our professional cleaning technicians have the best tools and products in order to provide perfect cleaning.
We clean everything from top to bottom, removing : cobwebs and dust from vents, fans and light fixtures, wipe all windows and mirrors, declutter and clean all cupboards and drawers ( including door handles, knobs and pulls), scrub the tub and shower (removing of soap scum and limescale included), scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet and its seat, toilet tank cleaning (to prevent mildew, rust and grime buildup, cleaning of the sink and its taps.

Glass Shower door– we clean it with a special solution that removes hard water stains, soap scum and limescale buildup. The solution is left on for a bit then rinsed. The whole surface is dried and polished to prevent spotting.

Fibreglass shower enclosures – We use a special solution in order to remove all limescale, soap scum and hard water stains. The product is left on then rinsed. The whole surface is dried and disinfected.

Metal shower and sink fixtures– All rust or hard water stains are removed and the fixtures are polished and disinfected.

Ceramic tiles– They are thoroughly scrubbed and all stains and soap scum are removed from their surface.

Natural stone tiles– This type of tile requires a special approach. After carefully cleaning them a sealer is applied.

Fabric and Plastic Shower Curtains– Shower curtains can grow mould and other grime. We wash and dry them in order to improve the clean looks of the bathroom.

Kitchen –This is the other area in every house that gets quite dirty very quickly. The whole kitchen, especially the cooking area, requires thorough deep cleaning. In order to provide proper sanitary and hygienic conditions, the kitchen has to be flawless. We cook and store our food there which makes it perfect for bacteria, microbes and other dirt to occur.
We also take on the kitchen from top to bottom. We remove cobwebs and dust from corners, fans, light fixtures and the top of all cabinets. We clean the walls and degrease them where needed. All counters (tiles, granite, marble or wood) will be degreased, washed and disinfected. The kitchen appliances will be cleaned externally and internally, the sink and its taps will be washed and disinfected and the kitchen floor will be taken care of.

Shelves and drawers – For the proper cleaning of the kitchen, the shelves and drawers will be removed, decluttered and thoroughly cleaned.

Appliances– Upon request your oven, fridge, microwave and other appliances can be cleaned internally as well.

ShelvesAll shelves will be dusted along with the things on them – plates, cups and kitchen utensils.

Living Areas and Bedrooms – All other areas of the house also require deep cleaning when moving out. Dust and other grime will not be tolerated by your landlord and you might not receive your deposit if the rest of the house is not properly cleaned as well. We pay extra attention to a few areas in those rooms, namely:

Upholstery and Carpets– We thoroughly vacuum your carpets, upholstery and curtains. This includes under furniture and between and behind the sofa cushions. Steam cleaning can be performed if there are stubborn stains.

Furniture– We often dust our furniture but it is important to clean the underside and inside of it too. All cupboards will be decluttered and cleaned.

Walls and Baseboards– We are able to remove stains from your walls and baseboards, leaving them spotless and beautiful.

Air Filters and Vents– It is extremely important to clean those, in order to provide fresh air and reduce the unpleasant smells from the house.

Sanitisation– All remotes, light switches, door handles and knobs are objects that are regularly touched on a daily basis. We will thoroughly disinfect those.

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