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house cleaning Anyone who is interested in hiring a house cleaning service could give us a try. We are a team that has high standards of quality, we are experts and everyone is professionally trained in the London filed, able to handle any challenge with ease.

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Our first time clients get an introduction to the house cleaning service. They are guided through the whole process, how the service is carried out from the hiring to its completion. The client is given all of the details that they need, to know weather or not this is the right service for them.

When the client has questions that fall into the London area, they are instantly provided with the answer they need. The client should know exactly what they are hiring and that they are not paying for something that they don’t want.

If the client decides to book the house cleaning service, the cleaning team is notified and they make sure to arrive at the client’s home on time. It is also expected from the client to be home as well. If there is no one at home, at all, our cleaning team will have no other choice but to leave.

Works starts as soon as the cleaning team arrives in the client’s home. They start off with general tasks that cover all rooms and after that concentrate on tasks that are more specific for certain rooms are a room needs something specific to be cleaned.

The general tasks include, vacuuming, cleaning up floor, cleaning windows, cleaning up dust and so on. The more specific tasks include cleaning the kitchen’s appliances, cabinets, sink and countertops; and in the bathroom, the shower, sink, toilet and everything else is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

The cleaning products that our cleaners are using are all safe and environmentally friendly. We have selected them from the London market not only to be very effective but to also not have a negative health effect on our employees.

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